The First Week Of Sales For BTS’s “BE” Was Nothing Short Of Incredible

Their only true competition these days is themselves!

BTS‘s BE album recently came out on November 20, 2020. When it comes to K-Pop albums, typically the most sales are made within the first week of the album being released, and so a lot of attention is usually put on how an album does in that amount of time.

BTS already broke records earlier this year when their Map of the Soul: 7 album, released in February, became the best-selling K-Pop album in its first week with 3,378,633 tales in that time.

And now, while BE hasn’t broken that record, it still had an incredibly impressive debut week.

BE is now the second-best-selling K-Pop album in the first week ever, as Hanteo Chart has announced that it sold 2,274,882 copies in those seven days!


Though this might seem considerably less than Map of the Soul: 7, there are a couple of contributing factors as to why it likely didn’t sell as well despite BTS’s popularity only continuing to grow.

BE was overall a more expensive album than their previous album, which of course plays a part in who can afford to purchase it. The other big factor, however, is that while Map of the Soul: 7 had multiple versions (which encourages fans to buy more than one copy), BE had just one version.


If you take these factors into consideration, the over 2.27 million sales becomes even more impressive than it already was!

Congratulations to BTS for this huge accomplishment! There’s no doubt that more sales will continue to come in and the total number of albums sold will just increase over time. If you haven’t already, check out the title track “Life Goes On” here: