Former BigHit Trainee Describes What Life Was Like After Being Cut From BTS’s Debut Lineup

“All these unfortunate things happened at the same time.”

Many people become trainees of K-Pop entertainment companies, but only a fraction ever end up debuting. Former BigHit Entertainment (now BIGHIT Musictrainee Kim Jihoon is one of those who almost made it.

Kim Jihoon was a trainee alongside BTS

Kim Jihoon recently sat down for an interview with VICE Asia, where he opened up about training with the BTS members before he was unfortunately cut from the debut lineup.

The scared part of me was questioning, ‘What if I don’t do well?’ because there were many other trainees who were talented. I really thought I wasn’t good enough…We had a meeting and they told me I was getting cut from the group…I had trained hard and practiced every day, sometimes until dawn [so I thought] ‘Why haven’t I gotten better? What’s wrong with me?

— Kim Jihoon

After the company’s decision was made, he entered a downward spiral. His biggest regret was not having the opportunity to debut with his friends.

When I was asked to leave the group, all these unfortunate things happened at the same time. This was my dream, to become a singer. I could have gone to another agency, but I really liked this place. I was sad that I could no longer be in a group with my friends.

— Kim Jihoon

His academics were greatly affected. He was devastated and couldn’t bring himself to attend classes, causing him to nearly drop out.

I stopped attending classes and nearly didn’t graduate high school. I was having breakdowns and skipping school.

— Kim Jihoon

Mentally and physically, he wasn’t the only one suffering. His mom heard about his situation and collapsed due to stress.

I blamed myself for not making it to the team, and at that very time, I got a phone call saying that my mom had collapsed. She had fainted because of the stress of me being cut from the team.

— Kim Jihoon

With time, the pain lessened and life went on. Currently, he is an intern at a government agency and a YouTuber on the side. He hopes to one day be famous through his YouTube videos.

I am now an intern at the Korea Veterans Health Service, and I’m just quietly working at an office. But I feel like this isn’t what I want from my life. I still can’t let go of my desire to be famous, so I started making YouTube videos.

— Kim Jihoon

In the same interview, Kim Jihoon revealed why he doesn’t tell people he almost debuted in BTS. Check out his answer in the article below.

Former BigHit Trainee Kim Jihoon Opens Up About Why He No Longer Tells People He Almost Debuted In BTS

Source: YouTube