Former BigHit Trainee Kim Jihoon Opens Up About Why He No Longer Tells People He Almost Debuted In BTS

He trained with the members from 2011 to 2012.

Former BIGHIT Music trainee, Kim Jihoon, recently sat down for an interview with VICE Asia where he opened up about training with one of the most famous artists of all time, BTS.

Jihoon with V (Left) and Suga (Right)

He was one of the people who practiced with the BTS members prior to their debut with “No More Dream.”

I became a trainee when I was 18 years old exactly 10 years ago from 2011 to 2012. I was really happy when I heard that I passed the auditions on my first try. I was really proud of myself.

— Kim Jihoon

Jihoon as a trainee | VICE Asia/YouTube

However, he wasn’t always confident in his abilities. Jihoon was unfortunately dropped from the debut lineup before he could step on stage.

The scared part of me was questioning, ‘What if I don’t do well?’ because there were many other trainees who were talented. I really thought I wasn’t good enough…we had a meeting and they told me I was getting cut from the group…I had trained hard and practiced everyday, sometimes until dawn [so I thought] ‘Why haven’t I gotten better? What’s wrong with me?’

— Kim Jihoon

He remained close to the BTS members when they were rookies and they even met up prior to their debut. He noted that they were upset that he had to leave the company, consoling him with words such as, “Jihoon, are you okay?”

Even after getting cut, before they debuted as a band, I once snuck back into the dorm with some fried chicken.

— Kim Jihoon

Jihoon used to openly tell his peers that he was almost a part of BTS. At that time, they were a group that made it past their debut era but were not yet the household names that they are today.

Before they blew up, I openly told people that I used to be a trainee there.

— Kim Jihoon

Now, however, he said, “I can no longer tell people.” 

It is because they are so popular that he is shy to infringe on their fame.

Because they are super famous now, they are popular everywhere so I don’t really tell people about this.

— Kim Jihoon

He also no longer talks to them because of their success and busy schedules. They naturally drifted apart as they went on their separate paths in life, with Jihoon now being a government office intern and a YouTuber.

In my 20s, all of my friends from BTS became famous, so I lost touch with them.

— Kim Jihoon

At the same time, he has nothing but love and respect for the seven members. His biggest dream is to be able to reunite with them and his other fellow trainees from 2011 to 2012.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t envy them, but I’m not jealous of their money or their fame. It’s just that they get to stay together. I’m jealous of that. I just regret not being able to hang out with them…my biggest goal is to throw a massive party with everyone from my training days. That time was the happiest memory of my whole life.

— Kim Jihoon

Check out the full video below to learn more about Jihoon’s perspective on life and and his memories with BTS when they were all trainees.

Source: YouTube