Netizens Finally Found Out What BTS’s Epic Former Manager Sejin Is Doing, And They Couldn’t Be Happier

Sejin continues to protect idols!

Considering how competitive and cutthroat the world of K-Pop is, it isn’t surprising to see netizens regularly criticize K-Pop companies and those working there for the treatment of their idols. However, one person who is so vital to a K-Pop idol is their manager, and netizens love seeing wholesome interactions between them.

One group that netizens have always loved seeing interact with their staff is BTS.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

In the past particularly, netizens have loved seeing the group with their former manager Sejin. Over the years, the HYBE employee gained love and admiration from ARMY for the way he’s been with the members.

Sejin had been with the group since before they debuted. He has always showcased so much love and respect for BTS, including looking after them in big crowds and events.

Yet, in recent years, netizens have noticed that Sejin hasn’t been with BTS on their schedules, whether in Korea or abroad. They wondered where he has actually been.

Well, it seems like Sejin has a new responsibility, and it is with none other than HYBE‘s youngest boy group ENHYPEN.


ENHYPEN was recently traveling to Germany for the KPOP.FLEX festival in Frankfurt. Of course, the members gained attention for their visuals at the airport as they made their way through fans and media.

| Newsen/YouTube 

Well, eagle-eyed netizens noticed someone familiar with the group, and it was none other than Sejin!

As the members made their way through the airport, netizens noticed that Sejin was walking with the members and carrying their bags as the group interacted with fans.

| @YJ12890/Twitter
| @YJ12890/Twitter 

Others got close-up pictures of the members and noticed straight away that the familiar face was Sejin.

On TikTok, a video went viral showcasing that Sejin had taken care of BTS in the past and was now given the responsibility of taking care of their junior group.

It undoubtedly made netizens emotional. Although they missed his interactions with BTS, many were grateful that Sejin was now with ENHYPEN, adding that they were definitely in good hands with him.

It isn’t surprising to see that Sejin is taking care of ENHYPEN. According to sources, Sejin got promoted to co-leader of Big Hit’s artist protocol department, and it was shared that he was also doing the artist management for ENHYPEN.

You can read more about Sejin and his interactions with BTS below.

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Source: @ureblessed/TikTok

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