The BTS Members Name Their Virtual Pets After Each Other And The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Here are their hilarious choices!

For BTS‘s recent collaboration with the game Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire), the members chose and customized their own characters to their liking.

Along with their characters, each member chose their own pet to accompany them in battle. Ranging from raccoons to robots, there’s a whole selection to choose from!

However, BTS quickly fell into a hilarious pattern of naming their little sidekicks after other members.

My pet’s name is Kim Taehyung!

— Jimin

Jungkook also named his pet after a fellow BTS member and you can’t argue with his reasoning. He named it, “Jin.”

The reason behind the name? It seems Jin had chosen the lucky seat that day!

It’s because you’re right in front of me!

— Jungkook

Meanwhile, Jin broke away from the trend, choosing a wholesome name like “Thumper.”

Suga‘s adorable duck friend looked quite a lot like him…

…but he felt it had a stronger connection to Jimin!

V chose to name his wolf “Kim Namjoon,” but don’t get confused — It has no connection to BTS’s leader!

You might think it’s similar to RM’s real name, but I just used a name that I liked.

— V

Watch the full video of the members picking their characters and pets below!