The BTS Members Channel Their Inner Pro Wrestler…And Things Get Chaotic

Watch out for their finishing moves! 🤣

For BTS‘s recent collaboration with the game Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire), the members were tasked with creating custom emotes, or actions that can be used during the game. According to Jungkook, everyone knows that the more annoying the emote is for the other team to watch, the better it is!

Separated into two teams, it didn’t take long for the crazy ideas to start rolling in on both sides!

V made a great suggestion for his team, incorporating some of his love for pro wrestling by giving a nod to John Cena‘s iconic “You can’t see me” taunt.

Great minds must think alike, because it didn’t take long for the other team to also add in some pro wrestling moves! Jungkook suggested The Rock‘s legendary “People’s Elbow.”

Suga joined in, removing an imaginary elbow pad and hyping up the crowd to really capture the move.

The three boys, including J-Hope, were really pumped about the crowd hyping part!

Combined with the finishing move, the emote was complete!

As for the other team, Jimin expanded upon V’s idea with a few extra moves…

…and put an extra spin on John Cena’s taunt! By pulling a blanket over the opponent’s character, the emote will definitely become a hit among players who love to irritate the enemy.

Check out all of their creative emote ideas below.