BTS Gets A Shout Out From American Rapper Wale

American rapper Wale showed some love to BTS with a mention on his latest track.

On December 6th, Wale released the track “Folarin Like (Nas Is Like Freestyle)” on SoundCloud. Fans were quick to notice he mentioned BTS in the lyrics, creating lots of interest and leaving one fan to comment “So dope, Wale! Wasn’t expecting this after Groundhog Day, so thank you! And that BTS S/O came outta nowhere haha!”.

The lyrics can be heard at around 2:25 and stated, “Foreign feature from South Korea, BTS be the shit, we about to see it”.

This is not the first time that Wale reached out to the Korean idol group. Back in October, Wale was sent a cover by Rap Monster of one of his songs “Illest Bitch” and by November he had tweeted out asking for a collab.

It wasn’t long before Wale and BTS followed each other on Twitter and tweeting out “It’s in motion” when asked about working with BTS, leaving many to wonder when this collaboration between the two rappers would happen.

With this feature and possible collaboration at hand, it seems like BTS is enjoying the benefits of a good promotional year so far. At the recent 2016 MAMA, the members broke down after achieving their dreams and receiving the “Artist of the Year” award.