What BTS Wants To Say To Fans Who Are Afraid Of The COVID-19 Vaccine

The members also discussed their hopes to go on tour again soon.

BTS recently sat down for an interview with television journalist Juju Chang that was aired on the talk show Good Morning America (GMA). The members were joined by South Korea’s president, Moon Jae In, and they shared their thoughts on COVID-19, understanding fans who are afraid to get vaccinated, and their desire to go back on tour and see ARMY face-to-face.

BTS with President Moon Jae In and Juju Chang | @dalbitbangtan/Twitter

The members also discussed their role as Future Culture Special Envoys, and their commitment to inspiring their fans to make positive changes in the world.

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During the interview, Juju Chang asked J-Hope, “When will you feel comfortable to be able to go out on tour again?” 

J-Hope said the whole group is eager to perform in front of ARMY again, but the members also hope the pandemic ends quickly. “As eager as we are to perform, we also hope the situation gets better quickly, many people get vaccinated, and it becomes possible for us to safely have a concert,” he explained.

Juju Chang asked BTS what they would say to fans who are hesitant about getting the vaccine following J-Hope’s statement about hoping that many people get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jin said that the members have all been vaccinated, but they sympathize with people who fear the vaccine.

We are all vaccinated and we sympathize with people who fear vaccines because it’s something that didn’t exist before. But I believe that if we’re afraid of the past, we won’t be able to make progress. We need to be more positive about the vaccine in order to create a better future. 

— Jin

When Juju Chang asked BTS what they missed the most about touring, Suga revealed that the members were depressed after their tour and scheduled events were canceled. “As we watched all our events and tours being canceled right in front of our eyes, we also felt quite depressed. If not only us, but everyone around the world comes together to overcome it, we can emerge from this isolation and depression a bit faster,” he said. 

Jimin echoed Suga’s statements by saying “I hope that Covid ends quickly and we can get back to doing the performances we love.” 

Source: Good Morning America and Good Morning America