BTS Names The “Style Heroes” Who Influence Their Fashion And Their Lives

The member reveals who inspires them in fashion, and in life.

In a new interview with GQ magazine, BTS revealed their “style heroes”, how those heroes have inspired them, and what fashion means to them.

1. Jin

Jin‘s style hero is none other than…Jin. “I am my own hero,” he said proudly. This fashion king marches to the beat of his own drum, and he encourages everyone to wear what they feel comfortable in. “I think the key is not to stress or feel pressured about it. Wear what you want and what feels comfortable.”

If you wake up and see an outfit you like, put it on! It’s more important to wear what you like than what other people think you should wear.

2. J-Hope

J-Hope‘s style hero is Charlie Brown‘s BFF, Snoopy. “I own Snoopy clothes and pajamas,” he said.

He encourages fans to try out different clothes and find their signature fashion through trial and error.

3. Suga

Suga‘s style hero is the Dark Knight, Batman.

“He’s one of the few superheroes who’s a weak human, and I just like that about him,” he explained.

As a child, Suga was well-dressed because his mother liked fashion. His style has evolved over time. “As a teenager, I preferred more flashy, stand-out clothes,” he said. As an adult, he’s all about comfort.

4. Jimin

Who is Jimin‘s style hero? ARMY! He said, “It’s because I think ARMY inspires me in every aspect of my life.” 

It’s because they’re my reason for life,” he went on, explaining how it’s like a mirror that can reflect who he is. Jimin has tried to become as warm, sensitive, and friendly as ARMYs are. As far as fashion goes, it’s all about confidence and knowing who you are.

5. Jungkook

RM has been Jungkook‘s hero in life, so it’s no surprise that RM is also his style hero. “First of all, I think that RM was the starting point of the life I lead today,” he explained.

He’s someone closest to me that I can learn a lot from. In addition to appearances and musicality, he also has a ‘sexy’ mindset. Rather than ‘incorporate’ his style, I think I have found a certain potential of my own within me while talking with RM or seeing the way he thinks, acts, speaks, or engages with music.

— Jungkook

Jungkook doesn’t think he has a specific style, but he says that good grooming leads to self-expression. It brings what’s on the inside to the outside.

6. RM

When it comes to fashion, RM is inspired by art. He named these two painters as his style icons, saying, “Their arts are really different, like sky and earth, water and soil.” One always speaks his thoughts, and the other is quiet and introspective. RM looks to them, not just for fashion advice, but for life advice about how to voice his own thoughts.

For RM, style is all about attitude and trying new things. “Wear it comfortably and proudly,” he said.

7. V

Like Jungkook, V has a style hero who is near and dear to him: his father. He said, “My father used to run a clothing business a long time ago, so he was very stylish.” Looking at old photos of his dapper dad inspires V to dress stylishly too.

V feels that individuality is important, so his style differs from his father’s, but he does include one key accessory: his father’s facial features! “Be yourself,” V said. “Create your own style.” 

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