(★BREAKING) BigHit Announces BTS’s Jimin Will Not Appear On “The Graham Norton Show”

BTS will be appearing without Jimin.

BigHit Entertainment just released a statement that BTS‘s Jimin will not be recording for The Graham Norton Show.


BigHit explained that Jimin had tried his very best to appear on the show as scheduled but was ultimately unable to due to neck and back muscle strains.


Even before the official announcement, rumors began buzzing after certain fans noticed that there were only 6 seats set up at the studio. Fans in London were able to attend their pre-recording at a studio in London and posted the photos online. 


As soon as the photos circulated, however, many fans began speculating that Jungkook may be sitting out for the show as he continues to treat his injured heel.


Jungkook suffered a minor injury prior their concert and performed seated at their London concert.


But it seems like rumors of Jimin being spotted in a neck brace were true after all as his medical team recommended he take a rest to prevent further injury.


Nonetheless, the support remains for BTS who are performing one of the most popular talk shows in the United Kingdom following their two-day concert in the country. Get well soon, Jimin!