BTS Put Lots Of Thought Into Their Intricate 2022 GRAMMYs Dance Break—Here Are The Details You Might Have Missed

This dance break never gets old!

BTS‘s iconic jacket dance break from the 2022 GRAMMYs (also known as the 64th GRAMMY Awards) left everyone shook!


In a new Weverse Magazine article, a few of the people who helped BTS put together their GRAMMYs performance broke down the hard work and details that went into the intricate dance break.

The article revealed that the members and their staff were constantly collaborating while creating the dance break, so they could put on the best performance possible. The members discussed the jackets extensively with the wardrobe department. They pointed out that the jackets would have to be bigger than their usual sizes to facilitate the choreography, but they still wanted the jackets to look stylish. From the looks of the performance, they created the perfect jackets with their team!

The members also debated whether they should toss their jackets away immediately after the dance break ended or carry them for a while. Ultimately, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook threw their jackets to the ground immediately, and Suga carried his for a few moments while rapping.

Suga also continuously adjusted his position in the dance break’s formation because of the members’ height differences. He said he “was in between the taller members, so even standing just a little far away from them feels like it’s really far.” We would have never guessed that he struggled to find the right place in the formation by watching the performance!

Lastly, the members decided to throw their security cards before launching into the dance break. This small change tied into the card’s use during the intro to the performance.

Clearly, everyone put a lot of thought into the jacket dance break, and it really shows!

Give BTS’s GRAMMYs performance another watch below!

Source: Weverse Magazine