Former Editor For GRAMMY’s Website Exposes The Recording Academy’s Alleged Bias Against BTS

She recalls how BTS coverage was handled for the GRAMMYs

A former managing editor for the GRAMMY Awards‘ official website,, is speaking up about The Recording Academy‘s alleged bias against BTS in the media.

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This year, BTS was up for their first-ever GRAMMY award, “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance”, with “Dynamite.” Although the song was a very strong contender, “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” was awarded to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande for their upbeat dance-pop collaboration, “Rain On Me.”

BTS accepted the results humbly and graciously, promising to try again next year, but the GRAMMYs’ decision has received criticism from fans, some of whom believe that racial bias played a role in the voting process.

Now, former managing editor Rachel Brodsky is giving an inside look at what went on behind the scenes leading up to the GRAMMY Awards. She called BTS a “pain point”, claiming that The Recording Academy discouraged her from writing about BTS.

When asked if any rationale was given for the “passive-aggressive” pushback, she recalled being told that less should be written about BTS because they were not GRAMMY winners but GRAMMY hopefuls. She also noted, however, that this guideline was unclear to begin with.

Rachel Brodsky also touched on another sore point for fans; the fact that BTS was heavily used to promote the GRAMMY Awards. Many fans felt that the GRAMMYs promoted BTS solely to drive up the show’s traffic.

Billboard‘s K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin has also weighed in on the ongoing bias in the press, stating that many places, “turned down or wanted to heavily alter stories about BTS.” 

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