Here Are The BTS Members Who Respond First And Last To Their Group Chat — And It’s Not Who You Think

Things have changed!

Like any group of friends, the BTS members have their own private group chat with each other.

The space allows them to quickly talk to each other about anything from schedules to what they do in their private time. Some members are known for frequently checking up on it, while others might be lucky if they get back to you in a few days!

In a never-before-seen clip from BTS’s AskAnythingChat interview, the boys spilled the tea on which members are the quickest and slowest repliers.

Who in the band responds to group texts first and who is the last?

— RM

Jin and RM immediately chose J-Hope as the person who replies first, but V reminded them that he used to be the fastest. Even J-Hope admitted that he’s been “kind of slow” in his responses.

No, no, no. He’s actually the slowest to return texts these days.

— V

He hasn’t been checking his phone at all these days.

— V

When picking who’s actually the first one to reply, the boys were torn between Jin and Jimin.

Jungkook chose V. V shared that it’s true he often sends his own messages…but don’t expect a reply back from him!

Well, I don’t really respond. I do post a lot, though.

— V

We all have a friend like V when it comes to group chats!

He doesn’t really respond. He only sends!

— Jin

Watch the full clip below!