BTS’s Hair Stylist Reveals What The Members Do While Waiting At The Hair Salon

Bleaching hair can take hours.

BTS has changed their hair color so many times since their debut that they’re regulars at salons by now!

Recently, Naeju, one of their hair stylists, released a video where he demonstrated how to get RM‘s sky blue hair in “Dynamite”.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

He was accompanied by YouTuber YAN, who asked him several questions about BTS as he had his hair dyed the same shade. One of the questions he asked was what the boys do while waiting at the salon.

Dyeing hair can take hours, especially if going from a dark color to a light one.

Surprisingly, they do what most of us do as we have our hair bleached multiple times.

[The] BTS members use their mobiles too. They also do games and watch YouTube channels using their mobiles.

— Naeju

YAN ended by expressing his sincere wish for the BTS members to watch his YouTube channel, too.

Gotta love how relatable they are even with all their fame!

Watch the full video below.