BTS Talk About Their Heroes And What Being A “Hero” Means To Them

They each defined “hero” in a unique and personal way.

What is a “hero”? The answer to this question varies, depending on who you ask.


Over the last six years, BTS have become ARMY‘s “Anpanman” by spreading hope, love, and light through their music. Many fans call BTS their “heroes” and/or “role models” because BTS have had such a positive influence on their lives, and the members strive to lead by example.


Anan magazine recently released their July issue, which features in-depth interviews with BTS. Several of the members were asked to define the word “hero” and name their own personal heroes.


Jimin’s idea of a hero is someone who gives another person strength. His thoughts are reflected in something RM once said to him.

Hmm. Hero… To be honest, I’m not sure. But if our songs, concerts, and existence can become the reason for someone to face forwards, then I want to keep going. I can keep going. Last year, when we joined the UNICEF project, RM said something like this. “I don’t know how much strength we can give people by participating in this project. But if we can help even one person, then that’s enough reason to do this”. I was really affected by those thoughts of our leader.

— Jimin


Jimin’s heroes are the people who have helped him through his most painful times: his members and ARMY.

In regards to my life, the members and ARMY are my heroes. Even though I should be the hero to everyone instead. There have been many times where I’ve felt pained, frustrated, and utterly depressed. But the members and ARMY have always been beside me during those times. They’re all my heroes. I’m not lying, this is the truth. I’m very grateful to everyone.

— Jimin


Suga acknowledged that the word “hero” can have different interpretations, but his idea of a hero is similar to Jimin’s. His heroes are his fans.

I feel like heroes are all around us. Firefighters or police officers, a hero might be a dad or mom to someone. for me, it’s the fans. There’s only meaning because there are people who listen to the music. If no one listened, it would merely be a noise.

— Suga


V‘s hero, on the other hand, has always been his father.

My dad. When I was little, he often gave me coins that he had next to the driver’s seat. At that time, I really thought he was a superhero. When I bought tteokbokki or snacks with the coins, I felt rich!

— V


Jungkook defines a hero as someone who helps people who are “struggling or suffering”. That’s the type of person he strives to be.

The first thing I think of when I think of a hero is someone who can send encouraging words through music to people who are struggling or suffering. That is my definition of a hero and what I aim for.

— Jungkook


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Source: Anan Magazine