BTS To Hold Special Talkshow “Let’s BTS” On KBS With All Seven Members

A special talk show held by BTS.

BTS will be holding a special talk show on KBS with all seven members on March 29.

| Big Hit Entertainment

According to KBS’s official press release, BTS will be holding a special talk show 2021 Special Talk Show [Let’s BTS] on March 29, 10:40 pm KST. The broadcast will focus on sending support to the public during the tough times.

We are planning 2021 Special Talk Show [Let’s BTS] with all of the BTS members. The plan is to focus on the messages of hope and comfort that they have been delivering to the public.

Through [Let’s BTS], our production team will capture not just the appearance of the global artists, but also the honest stories of seven young people who are living during this COVID-19 era. They will talk about stories that have never been shared before, such as each members’ innermost thoughts, in a variety of ways.

The show will be a feature that will be intimate and friendly for the viewers to hear BTS’s messages of comfort. You will not only be able to hear BTS talk, but also see their live performances. We are preparing a special stage that is different from normal performances. It will be a place where you can feel the power of their comfort that they convey through their music.


KBS is also preparing a special method for citizens and BTS to communicate with each other, but have not yet elaborated on that plan. The show will be hosted by Shin Dong Yeop, and Jang Do Yeon will also make an appearance.

Source: Newsen


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