BTS And HYBE Launch “WORKOUT with BTS” Challenge

This challenge is gonna be so much fun!

If you’ve been dreaming of the day you could work out with BTS, that day is finally here!

BTS | BTS/Weverse

For years, ARMYs have been in awe of BTS’s insane fitness levels, especially since many of the members appear to gain muscle very quickly.

The members have gotten so fit that ARMY has even joked that the HYBE gyms should be closed.

Now, fans have a chance to try out some of BTS’s favorite workout routines for themselves! HYBE EDU announced on April 29 that they created a 5-day workout challenge called WORKOUT with BTS.

| @HYBE_EDU/Twitter

The challenge will consist of easy-to-follow moves that ARMYs can use to boost their own fitness levels and stay energized. The WORKOUT with BTS challenge will kick off on May 2.

We’re definitely looking forward to this challenge!