BTS Suga’s Impressive Squat Weight Is Yet Another Reason The HYBE Gym Should Close

He keeps getting stronger and stronger! 💪🏼

Suga, along with the other BTS members, keeps getting bigger and stronger!

BTS’s Suga | @hourIyng/Twitter

Suga recently wowed ARMY with how much more buff he looked when BTS was photographed at the airport, and the behind-the-scenes footage from In the SOOP 2 gave fans a glimpse at the types of workouts he’s been doing to bulk up.

| BTS/Weverse

As soon as he walked into the gym, Suga set an empty barbell up on the squat rack. The barbell alone weighs 20 kg (around 45 pounds). Look at how easily he lifted it!

He warmed up by getting a few squat reps in with just the barbell.

After his warmup, he added 20 kg to each side, which brought his total to 60 kg (around 132 pounds).

Although he had tripled the weight he was lifting, Suga squatted 60 kg with ease!

Suga added 10 more kg to each side, which made the weight 80 kg (around 176 pounds).

Although he was lifting a lot of weight, Suga got his 5 reps in successfully.

After getting that set done, Suga switched out the weights so he had 35 kg (about 77 pounds) on each side. This change brought the total weight to 90 kg (around 198 pounds).

Suga proved he’s incredibly strong by easily lifting the 90 kgs for 5 reps!

After his workout, Suga calmly left the gym like he wasn’t lifting nearly 200 pounds mere moments earlier.

ARMYs were shook by Suga’s strength and talked about his impressive squatting weight on Twitter.



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