There’s One Main Difference Between BTS’s RM And Suga Then Vs. Now… They’re A Lot Bigger

The HYBE gyms have been well utilized clearly.

BTS have officially returned to Los Angeles, California, for quite the busy schedule! We can expect to see them this Sunday at the 2021 American Music Awards and, of course, later at their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts.

One thing that ARMY always looks forward to with BTS’s trips to the U.S. is their airport fashion! This time is no different as the group proved that some things never change…

Still, some things do and big time. While the vocal line remains the same in many ways, the rap line had some surprises in store for ARMY.

We knew leader RM has been working out, as was very apparent from BTS In the SOOP 2

Yet, we were still stunned as he never fails to surprise us. Compared to previous airport fits of a long trench, there was a major difference.

Like are we really seeing these shoulders?!

They are literally broader than the ocean!


ARMYs are even comparing RM’s size to that of a superhero. Please, get Marvel on the phone right now!

This wouldn’t be the first time that someone mentioned RM and The Hulk in the same sentence. In July, Jin warned ARMY that RM was getting so big that his body resembled that of Dr. Bruce Banner’s alter-ego!

RM works out too much. Now his body is like the Hulk.

— Jin

BTS on “The Tonight Show.” | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Speaking of Jin… When did he suddenly look small?

This isn’t even a joke.

RM, of course, isn’t the only one that we noticed a considerable size difference…

We know Suga has an affinity for black leader jackets, and so do we as a result.

Suga’s black leather jacket has made a comeback, but ARMY have noticed one not-so-subtle difference. Actually, it’s quite a big contrast.

While this black leather jacket used to be quite loose-fitting on Suga, as is seen by this photo of him at Incheon International Airport in 2019.


Now, those arms can barely fit those sleeves. He fills it out now!

ARMY, are we okay? We might need 5-10 business days to recover from this revelation…

HYBE, we’ve asked before. We’ll ask again—close the gyms!