BTS To Release New Music For Hyundai’s “Goal Of The Century” Campaign

Move over, “IONIQ!” There’s a new song on the way.

BTS‘s anthology album PROOF isn’t the only new BTS music that will drop this year!

BTS | Hyundai

As part of Team CenturyHyundai‘s lineup of ambassadors, BTS is participating in environmental projects ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Hyundai’s Goal of the Century is a global sustainability campaign that focuses on uniting people through a love of football and planet Earth.

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One of BTS’s upcoming projects is a new music collaboration with Hyundai and the FIFA World Cup.

In the coming months, BTS will be working on a music collaboration project for Goal of the Century.

— Hyundai

So far, not much is known about this exciting new release, but if it’s anything like “IONIQ: I’m on it, ” it’s sure to be a hit.


In 2020, BTS released a new song and music video to promote Hyundai’s IONIQ, an electric vehicle line-up brand that focuses on economy and “catering to individual and sustainable lifestyles.” Each member’s introspective lyrics looked towards a brighter future.

BTS’s Jungkook | Hyundai

Though I bump into something

New possibility

— Jungkook’s lyrics for “IONIQ: I’m on it”

“IONIQ: I’m on it” is so good, in fact, that it’s easy to forget it was made for a commercial. BTS’s new Hyundai song will likely be just as catchy, if not more so. 

BTS’s V | Hyundai

When I look into your eyes

All I see is you filling my mind

— V’s lyrics for “IONIQ: I’m on it”

Check out the music video here, and stay tuned for updates!

Source: Hyundai


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