Here’s How A Simple Ice Cream Snack Brings Out BTS’s Chaotic Side On Set

Jin didn’t deserve this! 😂

The BTS members might be grown men, but the thought of ice cream turns them into young boys again!

While on the music video of “Permission to Dance,” the members chased away the sweltering heat with an ice cream break.

Not only did it cool them off, it also filled them with energy. As expected, things got a little bit crazy!

After Jin and Jungkook opened their own snacks, V began singing the Papico Icecream theme song.

The cameraman could only turn to RM for a few seconds who was struggling to open his snack before madness ensued.

Suddenly, V and Jin’s battle for ice cream broke out!

The other members looked on with expressions that indicated hilarious moments like this are all part of a normal day for BTS.

There’s nothing BTS won’t do for cold ice cream on a hot summer day!

Check out the full video below.