BTS Drops New Version Of “IDOL” MV Featuring Nicki Minaj

BTS x Nicki Minaj = Legendary!

Everyone knows world-star rapper Nicki Minaj featured on BTS‘s latest hit, “IDOL”. Nicki also dropped news that her version of the music video was coming real soon.


She held true to her words as BTS just dropped a brand new version of “IDOL” music video featuring special edits and never before seen footage!


Best of all, Nicki Minaj personally made an appearance on the music video!


Looking fab in an array of neon colors, Nicki dropped her lines like the queen she is!


To take this music video to the next level, BTS also added in snippets of the #IDOLChallenge videos made by fans! Talk about lucky fans gone successful!


Nicki x BTS is hands down one of the best collaboration in 2018!