BTS Did One Important Thing While Speaking At The White House Press Briefing — And Here Is Why Netizens Are Praising Them For It

“I’m proud of them as a Korean.”

BTS are making waves with their historic speech at the White House press briefing. The group met with U.S President Joe Biden to speak about diversity, racism, and discrimination against Asian communities.

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They have been receiving much praise, not only from ARMY but also from Koreans who saw themselves represented by the members.

But one important thing BTS did during their speech at the White House press briefing has proved to be particularly meaningful for Koreans and Asian communities—and that is speaking in the members’ native language. It may seem small, but netizens everywhere are now expressing how touched they were to see someone speaking in Korean at the White House, particularly in a discussion about anti-Asian discrimination.

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In fact, Korean reporter Kim Pil Gyu, who is JTBC‘s correspondent in Washington, described in an Instagram post that he found himself very moved upon hearing the BTS members’ address. Thinking about it, he realized it was because BTS delivered their speeches in their native language…

…when languages other than English are rarely heard in the White House briefing room.

Hearing Korean being spoken there was a comfort to the reporter, who afterward asked an official from HYBE about it and was told that, in fact, BTS speaking in Korean had been a purposeful decision.

According to Korean media, HYBE explained that the reason BTS chose to do so is because they are Korean, and the White House had not made any requests otherwise.

Hearing how seriously the members take their roles as representatives of their culture, as well as of the Asian community at large, netizens are emphasizing that it is actions such as these that bring about positive change.

As a result, people everywhere, especially those whom BTS is representing, have been expressing their deep gratitude and pride in what the members have accomplished by simply choosing to speak in their language at a White House press briefing.

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It was truly a meaningful moment!

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