A Professional Artist Helps BTS…And Things Quickly Spiral Out Of Control

They had no idea he would do THIS. 🤯

While developing their new game In The SEOM, the BTS members encountered some hilarious obstacles! It all started when Jin had an idea to incorporate BTS’s whale motif into their logo…

…and create a unique image featuring all of the members on an island on the whale’s back.

The member were on board with the idea: The fantastical imagery gave them fairytale vibes!

After describing it to the professional logo designer to get a little bit of help, the “Golden Hand” artist went right to work…

…but the members weren’t ready for what happened next!

The whale was a lot bigger than they expected…but the artist didn’t quit!

Some members were hopeful, thinking the idea could be saved…

…while others were certain it was doomed.

I was thinking of a whale supporting the island. I thought he’d draw a big island on top!

— RM

Just when things were getting hopeful again…

…Jin just couldn’t stand around and watch! The water coming out of the whales head made everyone burst into laughter.

However, it was nothing the BTS members’ art skills couldn’t fix! Check out how each member did their best to fix the image below.


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