Fans Are Loving The Hilarious Edits In BTS’s “In The SEOM” Game Developing Series

The editors are getting wild. 🤣

BTS‘s editors are having just as much fun as the members themselves in their latest game developing series!

As BTS pitches ideas for their brand new game “In The SEOM,” fans couldn’t help but crack up at the chaotic editing, like lasers coming from the members’ eyes.

From hilarious cutaways of the members having amusing reactions to each other…

…to the addition of the most bizarre graphics (including a smoothie that J-Hope was suddenly drinking), nobody was ready!

ARMY noted that the editing style is similar to “Run BTS!” and capitalizes with some of the funniest zoom-ins, captions, and more.

Plus, the cute and vivid imagery matches the tone of “In The SEOM!”

Check out the full video below.