BTS Meets Tinkerbell On The Set Of “In The SOOP 2” And Things Get Chaotic

No one was ready for this. 🤣

BTS In The Soop 2 is full of moments that ARMYs love to see: relaxation, playtime, and lots of food! However, during episode 2, an unexpected guest arrived to crash BTS‘s dinner party.

J-Hope | Weverse

It all started when V panicked at the appearance of a giant moth…but it wasn’t just any moth!

The bug was so big, RM referred to it as “Tinkerbell.” However, he was immediately mistaken when it decided to attack both J-Hope and himself!

It’s Tinkerbell! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have!

— RM

The both of them immediately panicked and fled the scene, abandoning their food in the process.

“Tinkerbell” was so huge, that J-Hope was certain it wasn’t even a bug at all.

That’s basically a bird!

— J-Hope

In the end, the fearless member Jungkook did his best to protect the older members and calm them down, but RM still asked for mosquito repellent spray!

You can’t spray mosquito repellent while you’re eating…!

— Suga

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