BTS’s Instagram Accounts Have Become Their Own Personal Chatroom, And ARMYs Just Came Along For The Ride

Are we even allowed to be here?

It has been a wild few weeks in K-Pop after BTS created their own Instagram accounts. The group recently returned from their trip to America, and ARMYs worried about the lack of content while the members had their extended vacation.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Luckily, it has been the complete opposite. Some fans have even joked that it has been hard to keep up with it all. From Weverse to Instagram, the members have definitely been sharing updates with fans, and nobody is complaining.

When it comes to BTS’s Instagram accounts, the one thing that has been praised is that fans cannot comment on the members’ posts. Aside from liking the posts, the only ones that can directly interact with BTS’s posts are the members themselves.

BTS Jin’s Instagram with J-Hope commenting | @jin/ Instagram

Many have joked that the comment section has become like a chatroom for the members, who are currently in quarantine separately. ARMYs definitely thought this was the after seeing a post on leader RM’s account.

On December 15 (KST), RM shared an image of himself while in America. As expected, he looked so relaxed and happy on what seemed like a train or some public transport.

BTS’s RM in America | @rkive/ Instagram

The members quickly arrived at RM’s post, sharing their own thoughts about the picture. Yet, it wasn’t just one or two from each member. It almost became a chatroom where all of them started chatting amongst each other.

Jin was the first to comment. After returning straight home from Korea after their schedule, he shared his desire to go on a trip.

I should’ve gone on a trip too, I have no pictures to post.

| @rkive/ Instagram

RM then replied to Jin’s comment saying, “kekekekekke. It was quickly followed by V and J-Hope, who, like RM, spent some time in America enjoying themselves, including a trip to Hawaii but had different experiences with photos.

RM: kekekekekke

V: I went on a trip, but I don’t have pics to post

J-Hope: I went on a trip..but I already posted all my pics haha.

| @rkive/ Instagram
| @rkive/ Instagram

If that wasn’t funny enough, V then started talking about his change of appearance while in quarantine and explained, “My mustache grew out a lot. People will probably be shocked if I post that, right?

However, apparently, J-Hope did not feel the same it, and he replied, “Control yourself,” which had ARMYs laughing out loud!

| @rkive/ Instagram

After all the comments were posted, ARMYs joked that it felt like they had hacked into the members’ chatroom but with the consent of the group!

If ARMYs had to worry that the past few months of BTS content had dried up, it seems as if the members have cemented that their new Instagram accounts will always be active. Yet, it isn’t the only place for updates, as Jimin recently broke the internet and Weverse after posting pictures of a unique hairstyle!

| Weverse

As Christmas approaches, it doesn’t look like BTS is slowing down with their content which is a treat for ARMYs. You can read more about V and his new facial hair and J-Hope’s reaction below.

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