BTS’s V Is Trying Out A New Look During His Vacation, But J-Hope Is Not A Fan

We’re definitely fans, though!

Now that all seven members of BTS are on break, enjoying their vacation for the holidays, we’ve seen each spend their free time differently.

From left: Jimin, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, and V of BTS. | BIGHIT MUSIC

And thanks to new Instagram accounts, we’ve gotten quite the detailed documentation of it all too. For example, RM has spent extra time in the United States, exploring various museums.

He’s been sharing quite a lot, too, enough that we almost feel as if we took a trip with him. The journey must have worn him out, though, because his latest post contrasts the rest as it features just one photo of him resting on public transportation.

RM and J-Hope especially are two members that have one of the most aesthetically pleasing feeds so far, as they both have filled them with photos from their latest trips. Recently, J-Hope returned from a vacation in Hawaii with his family and V.

V (left) and J-Hope (right) in Hawaii. | @uarmyhope/ Instagram

V: This was fun, remember? We were dead serious about it, too. Right? Riiight?

J-Hope: I never thought that getting slapped by the rain could hurt that much.

Naturally, those with more bare feeds feel some FOMO (we can all relate). So, Jin commented on RM’s last post, saying that he wishes he had gone on a trip as well. Instead, he went straight back home to Korea to be in quarantine.

I should’ve gone on a trip too, I have no pictures to post

— Jin

| @jin/Instagram

Jin didn’t get to travel much except for his short trip to Los Angeles for PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. As a result, his first two Instagram posts are from that time. First, he shared his iconic Squid Game-inspired look…

Then, he posted the DIY process behind the “Super Tuna” fit…

Likewise, even his profile picture is taken from his one recreational activity in LA: Six Flags!

Jin at Six Flags. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Jin’s comment amused RM. On the other hand, V attempted to relate to his hyung‘s struggles.

| @rkive/Instagram & @thv/Instagram

RM: kekekekekke

V: I went on a trip, but I don’t have pics to post

V’s travel buddy J-Hope appeared in the comments as well to say that he has already posted all of his pictures…

I went on a trip..but I already posted all my pics haha

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Now he’s left with nothing else to share as he currently spends days in quarantine.

V originally claimed he had no photos from Hawaii when responding to Jin… But that can’t be true.

He has already shared a couple of artsy shots from the Hawaii trip to his IG account. It’s just not of him.

V also shared a beautiful shot of himself under the stars on Twitter, only to realize later that it was good enough for Instagram.

So, what’s the real reason why he is afraid to post new photos? V has now revealed exactly why he hasn’t posted any recent pictures yet.

He claims that he has been growing facial hair! So, knowing how Jimin‘s long hair broke the internet yesterday, he knows that a scruffy-faced V surely would as well.

my mustache grew out a lot, people will probably be shocked if I post that right?

— V

| @thv/Instagram

While we can already imagine how handsome V would look with either a beard or mustache, not everyone is on board with the idea. J-Hope replied a couple of hours later, encouraging V to keep this post in the drafts.

control yourself

— J-Hope

| @thv/Instagram & @uarmyhope/Instagram

We hope that V is confident enough to try out this new look one day! This isn’t the first time he has mentioned the possibility of growing facial hair.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

In November, V told ARMYs on Weverse that he is quite capable of growing a nice beard.

| | Weverse

ARMY: Taehyungie has become mature!!!! Noooo

V: My beard has been growing well these days….

Similarly, he teased options of long hair in August.

Short hair = Selfie X

Length a little long = Selfie O

Really long hair like up to waist + beard = Video selfie ♡


— V

| Weverse

If V’s beard were to look anything like his iconic look in the Joseon Dynasty-themed episodes of Run BTS!, we think he would look so handsome!

V on “Run BTS!” | BTS/VLIVE

Besides, countless ARMY-edited photos prove this theory correct.

V clearly would love to experiment more with facial hair, so we hope he gets the opportunity soon.

A few hours later, V shared a post featuring his newly-grown facial hair! Check it out below.

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Source: @rkive