BTS’s V Teases At Growing Out His Hair And Beard…But He Left The Choice To ARMYs

Which one will you pick?

BTS‘s V recently took to Weverse to let ARMYs know he wants to grow his hair out, sparking conversation among fans.

After a fan revealed they love his semi-long hair, he gave ARMYs a choice of what syle he should go for!

Short hair = Selfie X

Length a little long = Selfie O

Really long hair like up to waist + beard = Video selfie ♡


— V

| Weverse

After noting the third option, fans know that it doesn’t take long for his facial hair to grow…

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

…but ARMYs can’t help but wonder if he’ll resemble his iconic “Daechwita” performance!

Beard or not, many ARMYs are intrigued by the thought of V with long hair. However, he admitted there’s one thing that’s holding him back from committing to the trendy look.

Fan Edit | Original Photo from Esquire

Nah I won’t be able to grow it because it would be too uncomfortable anyways 🤠

— V

| Weverse

It seems V’s in a dilemma between wanting to be stylish with long hair and comfortable with short hair.

Only time will tell what he decides in the end…

…and as long as he’s happy with his hair, ARMYs will support his choice!