10 Relatable Reactions To BTS’s V Showing Off His New Beard And Facial Hair

#2 is so accurate. 😂

BTS‘s V recently gave every ARMY a mental breakdown by uploading a video of his newly-grown facial hair on his Instagram story in the middle of the night!

| @thv/Instagram 

Check out 10 of the most relatable reactions from fans below.

| @thv/Instagram

1. He looks best all natural: Barefaced, casual, and definitely boyfriend material!

2. Does he realize the chaos he brought to Instagram?

3. This is the award-winning film Kim Taehyung starring Kim Taehyung.

4. We’re ready for when he reaches this level!

5. He’s well on his way, and ARMYs are not okay.

6. We’re all guilty of it.

7. He can show anyone how it’s really done!

8. Confirmed: Kim Taehyung with a beard is real.

9. Next comeback, who knows what will happen.

10. You know he’s serious when he won’t listen to J-Hope!

Check out what J-Hope had to say about it below!

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