ARMY And Six Flags Hope That BTS’s Jin Makes A Comeback To The Park

ARMYs are hoping for a chance to meet him!

Recently, BTS‘s Jin returned to his favorite place in Los Angeles, California, Six Flags Magic Mountain, after two years.

six flags

— Jin

Jin was so excited about going. He bought all of the staff matching Superman capes!

He also made many new friends, one being a fan and the other being the Six Flags manager.

The friend I made at Six Flags gifted me ice cream

— Jin

Now, his newest friend? Six Flags itself!

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s official Twitter account retweeted Jin’s above post with a message as sweet as their famous Oreo Funnel Cake! They referenced iconic “Butter” lyrics and invited him back.

ARMYs are thanking Six Flags for the kind treatment and care of “Worldwide Handsome.”

Others are recognizing the ARMY employee who had unfortunately taken the day off. Many are asking Six Flags to do something special for them. Perhaps a raise?

They are referring to nana (@yo6nseok on Twitter). When they saw Jin’s photos at Six Flags, well, they reacted like any Six Flags employee who just happened not to be working that day would…

The worst part? They had actually requested the day off!

To make matters even worse, Jin was gifted a funnel cake, as was previously mentioned. This ARMY works at the Funnel Cake Factory!

Why didn’t Jin’s new friend, the manager, not notify nana?! Questions need to be answered.

We’re hoping that Jin accepts Six Flags Magic Mountain’s invitation and returns so that nana can finally be the one to present Jin with a funnel cake!

We’re holding out hope since we know Jin loves Six Flags Magic Mountain so much!

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Source: @SFMagicMountain