BTS’s V Posts A Totally Instagram Worthy Photo…On Twitter

He’s still figuring all the social media stuff out 😅

It’s looking like BTS‘s V is officially back in Korea as he joins members Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook (now J-Hope as well) and enters a 10-day self-quarantine!

A couple hours before V arrived at Incheon International Airport, ARMYs received a heartfelt thank you post from the singer on Weverse as he shared the reason why he stayed back in America: he was in Hawaii!

| V/Weverse

Thank you ARMY for pretending not to know [me] and being considerate so that I can travel more comfortably in Hawaii and the airport💜 love u

—V, Weverse

V then took to Twitter to share a photo he took on his Samsung and ARMYs were stunned. We think V foresaw everyone’s jaws dropping, as he cheekily made sure everyone knew the photo was not edited or photoshopped.

ARMYs were quite literally starstruck by the photo!

V then realized that maybe Twitter wasn’t where the photo should’ve been posted.

ah, is this what’s considered Instagrammable?”

Of course ARMYs were quick to assure the “Winter Bear” singer that they love seeing everything he posts. How supportive!

ARMYs are getting some great content from the seven members as they go on their second ever extended vacation, but the boys have to get through their 10 day self-quarantine first!

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