BTS’s V Is Staying Loyal To Samsung, But J-Hope? Not So Much

It’s happening again!

Brand ambassador V is a dream for companies. Not only does he use the products he endorses, but he also isn’t subtle about promoting them.


Today, V shared a new photo he snapped while in the US. He was quick to let everyone know which phone he used to capture this magical moment.

V hyped his Samsung phone by calling it a “chame model,” or “quite a model.”

V then followed up his first two tweets with a direct shoutout to Samsung; “my name is v samsung, are you watching.” 

If Samsung is watching, let’s hope they don’t see J-Hope!


BTS has a long, hilarious history of “cheating” on Samsung with their iPhones

An editor censored Jungkook’s phone on Run BTS! From left to right: Suga, J-Hope and Jungkook.

…and J-Hope has done it again! Not long after V tweeted, J-Hope posted an Instagram story with two iPhone emojis. Busted!

| Koreaboo & @uarmyhope/Instagram

Fans, of course, are loving this. There’s never a dull moment with BTS, even when they’re on vacation!

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