BTS’s V Is Officially Mature And Grown-Up Now…But Not For The Reasons You Might Think

Here’s what he had to say!

BTS‘s V is entering his late 20’s and might be considered “grown-up” by some. However, he recently told ARMYs the real reason for his maturation!

V has always been known for his hilarious antics as the “4D” member of the group…

…and his sense of humor doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

However, fans noticed that V who used to love Halloween now feels a bit different about the holiday.

When an ARMY asked V about a Halloween costume he wants to try, he responded bluntly.

Everything is meaningless.. Just end Corona

— V

Because of this, fans were concerned about whether he had officially “grown-up.” However, his next humorous response shows he hasn’t lost his playful touch.

When an ARMY commented, “Taehyungie has become mature!!!! Noooo,” he responded in the best way.

My beard has been growing well these days….

— V

It seems in V’s eyes, he is grown-up…because of his ability to grow facial hair well!

You can’t argue with that logic!

Check out what he’s been up to recently below.

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