International Jewish Human Rights Organization Denounces BTS Over Alleged “Anti-Semitism”

Fans and media alike have urged the center to re-think their decision to denounce the band.

The Simon Wiesthenthal Center has denounced BTS over supposed anti-seminist activities. The SWC is an International Jewish Human Rights organization dedicated to confronting antisemitism, hate, and terrorism.


They released a statement denouncing BTS for acts like “wearing a T-shirt in Japan mocking the victims of the Nagasaki A-bomb”, wearing hats with the Nazi SS Death Head logo in a photoshoot, and using flags at their concert that were “eerily similar to the Nazi Swastika”.


Rabbi Cooper, the Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action of the SWC, called for an apology to Japan and the victims of Nazism. 

They also warned against the potential of young generations of Korea identifying bigotry and intolerance as ‘being cool’ and cause history to be erased, because of BTS’s large influence amongst the youth of Korea.


The statement also included a link to a New York Times article, detailing the issue of BTS’s Japanese Music Station appearance being cancelled, where AsahiTV referenced a shirt Jimin wore in 2017 depicting a “mushroom cloud rising over the Japanese city of Nagasaki.”

The shirt that was criticized for “mocking victims”, was created to celebrate Korea’s liberation from Japanese imperialism.


The hat in question, has allegedly been photoshopped and originally looked like this.


The flags, were also props given to BTS at their performance at Seo Taiji’s concert and supposedly represent the song “Classroom Idea” which criticizes the education system in Korea.


Seo Taiji’s company has been contacted by ARMY regarding the situation with the flags, and have stated they are reviewing the details and prepared to take further action against the false reports.


Fans and media alike have urged the center to re-assess the situation and re-think their decision to denounce the band.