BTS J-Hope Revealed His Ambition For Future Projects After “Jack In The Box” and Lollapalooza

There was something missing this time that he wants to fulfill next.

While talking to the Rolling Stone magazine a day before his Lollapalooza performance, BTS‘s J-Hope opened up about how he plans to pan out the path of his solo endeavors moving forward.

J-Hope at Lollapalooza


His debut album Jack In The Box is a 10-track record that has no features on it. The aim here, according to J-Hope, was to amplify his individuality and build a solid base for his musical style. But that doesn’t mean he is not open to collaboration ideas in the future.

According to J-Hope, Jack In The Box was an important step to lay the groundwork for him to grow as a solo musician.

I learned that maybe I was a little bit arrogant, maybe I was a little lacking, and I was a little inexperienced. But I learned so much through this album. In that sense, I think this album is very, very meaningful to me.

Now that he has established his sound, J-Hope is ready to think about collaborating with different artists. Though there is no set plan in motion yet, he wants to work on a project that will allow him to feature his biggest strength, dance.

Nothing’s set yet, but it’s just my bold ambition. I’m open to any future plans like this. If I do a next collaboration, it’ll probably showcase my ultimate weapon, which is dancing.

— J-Hope

So far, J-Hope has collaborated only once as a soloist. It was for the song “Chicken Noodle Soup” with Becky G. The duo finally performed it together live at Lollapalooza, three years after the song’s release.

We already got rockstar J-Hope with Jack In The Box and “Hobipalooza.” Will Hope On The Street be the next treat for ARMYs?

Source: Rolling Stone