Behind The Scenes — BTS’s J-Hope Struggled With This Unexpected Challenge While Filming “Arson”

It must have been a lot to deal with! 🥲

While filming the music videos for his Jack in the Box singles, BTS‘s J-Hope pushed himself to the limit to create the best possible end results. Despite headbanging to the point of hurting his neck during “MORE,” J-Hope actually chose “Arson” as the song that was the most difficult to shoot!

It was a one-take music video that could only be done a few times since there was fire involved.

He wanted it to be as perfect as possible, so he did a lot of rehearsal before the actual video shoot began.

J-Hope went over the details of every movement and gesture he would do to make a lasting impact in a one-take shot.

However, there was one gimmick that many fans may not have even thought of that made it an even harder video shoot: All of the smells!

The smell of fuel was awful since we filmed it with fire so I felt a little bit of dizziness.

— J-Hope

On top of that, it was a hot summer day which added to the intense conditions.

Even the clothes he was wearing were customized by designer 99%is to look burned but actually also provided another obstacle he had to overcome.

To depict the burnt texture, we poured some coffee and soy sauce on the clothes and it smelled really awful!

— J-Hope

As for the actual fire itself, it didn’t really phase him since he knew he had to deal with it when promoting a song like “Arson.”

However, the explosive devices can be intense and loud, so those were a small challenge.

All of these things came together to make the music video shooting extremely intense…

…but as always, J-Hope made it look easy!