BT21 Officially Changed Mang’s Data For The New Unmasked Era

Some details sound familiar!

Recently, BTS J-Hope‘s BT21 character Mang teased an exciting new era. After years of wearing a mask, the time has come for a face reveal!

Mang teasing at a face reveal | @BT21_/Twitter
| @BT21_/Twitter 

In a brand new video, the long wait for Mang’s face reveal has come to an end!

The results? Maximum cuteness!

Now, the official BT21 website has updated his information and photos to reflect this new era! Mang’s new profile photo is now a GIF showing the real bright and adorable smile under the mask.

The information is slightly altered to show a new side, emphasizing the super cute facial expressions that we can now see.

Expressive faced dancing machine MANG

Always carrying around a mysterious mask,

you can only see Mang’s cute heart smile without the mask on.

#mask #heartshapemouth #bestdancer #puffycheeks

— BT21

| BT21

Mang retains an original identity while incorporating even more of what fans love about J-Hope. Originally, Mang’s mask features a heart-shaped nose to represent J-Hope’s smile. Now, without the mask, they both have a #heartshapemouth!

BTS’s J-Hope | @Buttercup_Jhope/Twitter

Of course, both Mang and J-Hope are known as the #bestdancer, so not much has changed there!

Finally, they share the same matching #puffycheeks!

This new update to Mang’s story is perfect — and totally makes us think of J-Hope!

Check out the full exciting face reveal video below.

Finally, BTS J-Hope’s BT21 Character Mang Took Off The Mask


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