The Reason BTS’s J-Hope Builds So Much On “In The SOOP,” According To J-Hope Himself

His reason is so heartwarming 🥺

BTS‘s J-Hope loves to build while filming In the SOOP, and he finally explained why.

BTS’s J-Hope | @thejhopeprint/Twitter

In the first season of BTS In the SOOP, J-Hope spent 3 hours building a glider, and he was really proud of his handiwork.

| BTS/Weverse

This time around, he built a water rocket.

Considering there were so many more laidback activities J-Hope could’ve chosen from (like karaoke, playing video games, and chilling in the pool), many people wondered why he chose to spend his relaxation time building. He explained why in an interview with the In the SOOP crew.

He explained that he “wasn’t so good at building things” as a boy because it was too difficult for him. He said that being good at science-related things was one of his childhood dreams that he never achieved.

J-Hope felt as if he didn’t reach his full potential in his science studies back then, so he wanted to “relieve that regret” now that he’s older.

J-Hope masterfully built both his glider and water rocket, so we’re sure younger J-Hope would be very proud of him!