BTS’s J-Hope Confirms Why Suga Didn’t Attend His Listening Party, And Suga Reassures Fans On His Condition

J-Hope and Suga set the record straight!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently sent the internet into meltdown after the release of his latest album Jack In The Box. From the title track “ARSON” to the other songs like “= (Equal Sign),” J-Hope wowed netizens with his diverse music.

J-Hope’s video for “ARSON” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

Yet, the party seemed to start before the album was even released. The entire K-Pop industry seemingly arrived at HYBE for the listening party, and the members of BTS were seen having a great time.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, BTS’s Jimin, and Kim Young Kwang | @aksakfn12/Instagram
Tiger JK, BIBI, Yoon Mi Rae and BTS’s RM | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram
Tiger JK, BIBI, Yoon Mi Rae and BTS’s V and J-Hope | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram

Even Jin, who revealed he wasn’t in pictures because he was hiding in the corner as he didn’t know anyone, shared pictures of himself at the event and shared his support for J-Hope.

BTS’s Jin at the listening party | @jin/Instagram

There was one person who ARMYs were trying to spot amongst the chaos, and it was member Suga. Although there were a lot of blurry LQ images, nobody could confirm or deny whether the group’s rapper was attending.

Well, it seems like it has been confirmed that Suga was unfortunately unable to attend the party.

After the release of the album, J-Hope had a live broadcast to celebrate the occasion with ARMYs worldwide! He revealed TMI from the album shooting and shared some of his thoughts on the different songs. During the broadcast, J-Hope confirmed that Suga didn’t attend the party.


According to the idol, Suga had been ready to attend the event like the rest of the BTS members. J-Hope revealed Suga had his outfit prepared and even got his makeup done.


Yet, just before the event, Suga got a cold and fever. J-Hope then revealed that, as a precaution, Suga chose not to attend the event. He then added that, luckily, his fellow BTS member had tested negative for COVID-19 and just seemed to be a case of an illness.


Of course, as soon as the live broadcast ended, ARMYs quickly rushed to send well wishes to Suga and wished him a quick recovery.

Suga seemingly saw everyone’s concerns and quickly went on to Weverse to reassure fans that he was doing well and his condition was improving.

He also made sure to send his congratulations to J-Hope for the album release and showcase his support as much as possible.

So, I woke up with a fever yesterday. I wasn’t able to make it because I wanted to be sure it wasn’t covid. It’s a shame I couldn’t goㅠㅠ. Thankfully, I’m back to a normal body temp, so don’t worry too much. Congrats Jwe-hope.

— Suga

| Weverse

Of course, J-Hope was quickly on hand to reply to his member who had sent him such a sweet message.

In true J-Hope style, he replied to Suga, saying, “I love you bro. Stay healthy/don’t get sick.”

| Weverse

As always, the BTS members continue to prove how much they support each other. Everyone was ready to attend the event, and it was because of an illness that Suga was kept away. Hopefully, Suga is getting better, and he and J-Hope can have their own party to make up for it.

You can read more about the party below.

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