BTS’s J-Hope Chooses The One Thing He Wishes He Had More Of…And It Shows His True Personality

His choice is so wise!

BTS‘s J-Hope has most things many people want. From his endless charisma and talent…

…to his many loyal fans…

…to his handsome good looks, he has it all!

However, in an interview with Disney+ in promotion of his upcoming documentary j-hope IN THE BOX, he chose just one thing he would have more of if it was possible.

J-Hope chose something that isn’t an object, but rather something more abstract: Time.

Like many people, J-Hope revealed that he feels time passes quickly and wishes he could only have more to accomplish more things.

I felt that time really does fly these. I’m thinking, ‘Why is it going so fast? I wish I had more time.’

— J-Hope

He knows that as he gets older, he will probably feel this way.

Always busy with various projects, J-Hope always utilizes his time well. However, even someone as efficient as him wishes he could use it better!

I am always thinking, ‘How can I use my time more wisely?’ And I guess that’s what I’m thinking about these days, too.

— J-Hope

From his activities like attending Paris Fashion Week…

…to his promotions as a solo artist, it’s safe to say J-Hope already knows how to make the most of his time!

Watch the full interview below.