BTS J-Hope Had A Major OT7 Moment At Lollapalooza And It’s Got ARMYs Feeling Some Type Of Way

Do NOT separate these seven boys for no matter what!

On July 31, J-Hope of BTS made history as the first Korean headliner of Lollapalooza. His setlist was full of bangers from start to finish, but his “Dynamite” performance was a little more special to ARMYs.

J-Hope performed the Tropical Remix of “Dynamite” and even introduced a new choreography for the song. The groovy moves are a hit not just with ARMYs but also with his co-member Jimin, who was cheering from the sidelines throughout the set!

But there was something else about this performance that touched the fans’ hearts. J-Hope didn’t fill in during the other members’ parts; instead, he let the crowd sing along and only sang during his designated lines as per the recorded version.

To many ARMYs, this gesture felt like he brought a piece of BTS on stage along with him, even when he could have had the moment for himself.

In fact, after the show, he went on a live stream and said he would have loved to perform this song with Jimin. But it was difficult to learn the new dance at such a last minute, so they had to drop the idea.

J-Hope also had BTS’s videos flashed in the background as he performed “Cypher Pt. 1.”

 One thing about BTS, they will be OT7 wherever and whenever!