Korean Media Reveals The Exact Date For BTS J-Hope’s Military Enlistment

Wishing him a safe enlistment.

BTS‘s J-Hope is set to enlist on April 18, 2023. According to Korean media outlets, who had received information from informants in the military, he will enlist at a basic military camp in Gangwon-do. After receiving his five-week basic military training, he will be dispatched to his regular unit.

Previously, his company, BigHit Music, had already announced he would be enlisting soon. J-Hope also showed off his shorter hair on social media on April 8.

HYBE Makes Official Statement Regarding BTS J-Hope’s Military Enlistment

J-Hope’s enlistment ceremony will not be open to the public or to fans in order to maintain safety. J-Hope is the second member to enlist in the army following Jin. Although the members were allowed to postpone their enlistment until 30, it was made known that J-Hope had canceled a request to delay service and continued to enlist ordinarily.

J-Hope’s new hair. | @urmyhope/Instagram
Source: News1


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