BTS’s J-Hope Explains How The Group Deals With Highs And Lows

His answer will warm ARMY’s hearts!

In a recent interview with Hindustan TimesBTS‘s J-Hope revealed how the members deal with highs and lows.

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While ARMY knows the BTS members rely on each other, they rely on ARMY to help them get through tough times, too!

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Over the past 8 years of their career, BTS has been incredibly vocal about their love and appreciation for ARMY.

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When Hindustan Times asked the group how they’ve dealt with ups and downs while paving their way to world domination, J-Hope took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the BTS ARMY.

Now that I look back at the journey, it was just us delivering music and messages that we wanted to deliver and ARMY listened to them. So, all of this has been possible thanks to ARMY. We’re deeply grateful to them.

— J-Hope

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J-Hope’s answer is just further confirmation of what ARMY already knows: The bond between BTS and ARMY is unbreakable!

Source: Image and Hindustan Times