BTS Was Asked To Explain J-Hope’s Fashion Style, And Unexpected Chaos Ensued

It was glorious, really 😂

In a recent interview with Tokopedia, BTS erupted into unexpected chaos because of a simple activity!

It all started when J-Hope asked his members to describe the way he dresses. The catch, however, was that they could only explain using three words: “Explain the way I dress in 3 words“.

Jimin was first to answer, and he chose the words “Mirror. Reflects. Myself”, but none were correct.

Up next was RM. Much to the admiration of his members, he made an intelligent guess—J-Hope’s name! Unfortunately, it was immediately rejected.

Seeing as how they weren’t catching on to the answer, J-Hope gave out his first hint: “My feelings level up when I dress“.

V excitedly raised his hand and exclaimed, “Trendy. Elegant. and Satisfied!” Luckily, one of the words was correct, and the members quickly guessed it was the word “Satisfied”.

Maknae Jungkook then guessed “Satisfied. Not. Satisfied”, but that wasn’t right, either!

Suga was next to give it a try: “Buying clothes. Wearing clothes. Satisfied“.

Sadly, his answer wasn’t correct, so they asked J-Hope to give another hint. At their request, J-Hope shared his second and last hint: “I always try many things when I dress up“.

V’s last ditch effort were the words, “Trying. Satisfied. Picture”, which were wrong as well.

At long last, Jimin was able to give the correct answer! The three words J-Hope was looking for were “Trying. Satisfied. Enjoy”.

J-Hope cheerfully explained that he thinks it is important to enjoy the way one dresses: “We have to be satisfied and enjoy the way we dresses“.

As expected, J-Hope is as bubbly and inspirational as ever!

Watch BTS enjoy answering each other’s questions in the full clip below.

Source: Borahae Army