BTS’s J-Hope Steals Hearts As He Flirts With ARMY On Weverse

It’s definitely getting hot in here…

BTS‘s J-Hope took to Weverse to chat with ARMYs, spoiling his Lollapalooza setlist, revealing new MV plans, and even flirting!

BTS’s J-Hope | Weverse

J-Hope established himself to be not only a charmer but a multilingual king as he responded to posts in Korean, English, etc.

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His responses, though, couldn’t be cuter! As always, he proved to be our “hope.”

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Yet, he also couldn’t help but flirt a little. And, we’re not just talking about him telling ARMYs that he loves them…

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Since J-Hope released his new concept photos for album Jack in the Box, especially the song “Arson,” ARMYs have been absolutely wrecked by his duality and hotness. So, one ARMY told him just how hot they think he is, but they surely never expected his response…

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ARMY: J-Hope, you’re so hot.

J-Hope: how much 😍😘

It’s the emojis for us!

This wouldn’t be the first time nor the last time J-Hope flirted on Weverse. Whether it’s his members or ARMYs, he is a true Casanova! Read more below:

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