Former Vet Thanks BTS’s J-Hope For Raising Awareness On The Issue Of Abandoned Animals After Downloading His App

It is helping an amazing cause!

There is no denying that the members of BTS have a golden touch when it comes to promoting products. Even if it’s done unintentionally, whatever the members seem to wear, use, or talk about seems to gain instant popularity. Recently, it seems to have happened again with member J-Hope!

BTS’s J-Hope | @bts_twt/Twitter

Former vet and current CEO of PawinhandLee Hwan Hee, recently appeared on YouTube, discussing not only his career taking care of animals but the fact that, while he was caring for animals, he developed an app called Pawinhand. The app was created as a platform to help abandoned animals find new homes by being adopted.

During the video, the host Ji Hye discussed the fact that J-Hope was recently seen using the app. The BTS member posted a screenshot of his phone screen, and it had the Pawinhand alarm logo at the top of the screen.

As expected, many fans found out what the app was and started using it. Lee Hwan Hee hadn’t expected such a reaction and joked that now the fans started using it, he didn’t want to let them go, despite the rising server cost.

Lee Hwan Hee also sent J-Hope a video message thanking him for using the app and raising awareness for the issue.

To J-Hope, I’m not sure you would watch this video. I’m really thankful for you using my app seriously. It would be great if BTS can join our campaigns. I hope this video finds you well.

— Lee Hwan Hee

Fans know how much the BTS members love animals. The fact that J-Hope has managed to help raise awareness on the issue of abandoned animals shows just how socially conscious the members all are! Make sure to watch the whole video below.

Source: GO지식 : MBC 지식교양 채널 and FI