BTS’s J-Hope Has The Most Humble Reaction To Being Called “Team Leader Jung”

J-Hope has always been praised for his dancing skills.

When it comes to some of the best K-Pop dancers in the industry, one name that is always mentioned is BTS‘s J-Hope.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Since debuting, the idol has always gained attention for his strong presence on the stage and no matter what choreography he is given, J-Hope always puts in 110% and helps those around him.


In a recent interview with Weverse, J-Hope sat down and discussed moments from his career and how he feels about the group’s recent album PROOF. During the interview, they spoke about the iconic GRAMMY performance and the complexity of the routine.

Even though J-Hope did amazing, he revealed that he was actually disappointed in his performance which is impossible to agree with.

I was disappointed in myself about the performance at the Grammys, to be honest. I wanted to put on a good show so badly that I couldn’t tolerate even the slightest letdown. So, afterward, I thought, ‘Oh, I really could have done better—I could have made it look cooler. That was a letdown.’

— J-Hope

BTS’s performance at the 2022 GRAMMYs | Recording Academy/ GRAMMYs/ YouTube 

Although J-Hope was disappointed, nobody else was, and the interviewer even shared that he is key to BTS, especially in the way he helps lead the team in choreography. It has even earned him the nickname “Leader Jung.” Yet, despite this, J-Hope responded very humbly to the title.

They’re just calling me that. (laughs) We were able to pull off a performance like this because of how well everyone did. That part’s extremely important. I learned a lot from being part of a team.

— J-Hope

J-Hope is known for his dancing skills

If that wasn’t enough, J-Hope emphasized that despite everything going on, BTS always comes first. Yet, it hasn’t stopped the idol from thinking about the future and how he could use that same mentality in his own work.

I also wouldn’t settle for anything once I started working on songs for the group. Now when I work, I’m always discovering new ways to express myself and I think maybe it would be fun if I tried working it all out on my own someday. That’s how I can improve.

— J-Hope

Yet, it isn’t the first time the members have praised J-Hope for his dancing skills and the title of “Leader Jung.”

After the GRAMMYs, the group had a live broadcast and they explained that without their “Choreography/Dance Team Leader” J-Hope, often shortened by the members to “Jung Team Leader,” practice didn’t go as planned. They were talking about the fact that J-Hope wasn’t there for all the rehearsals after contracting COVID-19.


The members then explained that with J-Hope, there was much more order, and his enthusiasm and desire to do the best rubbed off on the other members.


As always, J-Hope has once again proved just how integral he is to BTS. Not only that, but he is truly humble in everything he does and doesn’t seem to see how important he is to the members.

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Source: Weverse

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