Here’s Why BTS’s Dance Practice Without “Jung Team Leader” J-Hope Is Absolute Chaos, According To The Members

The struggle is real. 😂

While preparing for their iconic 2022 GRAMMYs “Butter” performance, the BTS members faced many obstacles behind the scenes. With over three members being absent at a time (J-Hope and Jungkook had to quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 while Jin had hand surgery), scheduling practice was no easy feat.

Specifically, BTS revealed that without their “Choreography/Dance Team Leader” J-Hope, often shortened by the members to “Jung Team Leader,” practice didn’t go as planned.

Jungkook and Jimin noted that without J-Hope there, it was harder for the members to stay focused.

The leader has to be there!

— Jungkook

Known for his vital role behind the scenes, the members felt out of order without their “boss!”

Jimin revealed that without J-Hope, the members would take a break after only 30 minutes of practice…

…and V has trouble staying focused! Ready to sleep, he lays down with no intentions of getting up.

He lies down and never gets up!

— Jimin

Despite only being able to practice with the complete team for one day, J-Hope still managed to guide the members to have a successful performance.

When all the BTS members come together, nothing can stop them!

Despite the obstacles, the boys nailed the choreography. Check out the article below for more!

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