Here’s Why BTS’s Jacket Choreography For The 2022 GRAMMYs Is Extremely Risky For Live TV

“2 out of 3 times we failed.”

BTS made the 64th GRAMMYs a night to remember with a brand new performance of “Butter” that had all the secret agent themes! From Jungkook descending on a wire to the members dodging lasers, it’s the iconic jacket choreography that left ARMYs in awe.

Watching it for the first time, the members seem to magically connect their jackets together with a simple spin and continue to dance in this formation, using their connected jackets as a pretend guitar.

Just as fast as it happened, the members flawlessly disconnect from one another, show off more individual choreography flinging their jackets around, and toss them off as if this dance break is all in a day’s work.

However, despite making it look easy, it came with it’s own troubles! Immediately after the show, BTS revealed how difficult the move really is to pull off during a live performance.

V shared that if one member was even a little off when performing the move, the whole choreography would not have worked.

With the risk of getting tangled in the live performance, the move actually had a much lower success rate than the audience might think.

Suga shared that due to the circumstances of J-Hope and Jungkook testing positive for COVID-19 and Jin‘s hand surgery, they were unable to practice as much as they usually do and still had yet to master the move.

In the rehearsal just before that, 2 out of 3 times we failed. We’d only get it right like one time.

— J-Hope

Luckily, everything went smoothly with their jackets. However, they still had concerns for when they were dodging lasers!

According to the members, things didn’t go as planned there, but who could tell with such an amazing performance?

I watched that part and I was hit by the laser the whole time!

— Suga

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